Realware Success: Patronus Accelerates Stroke Intervention Timeline and Increases Client Trust With Smart SaaS

Realware Success: Patronus Accelerates Stroke Intervention Timeline and Increases Client Trust With Smart SaaS

What Patronus Says:

“We have a direct line with the owner, that’s big to me.”

“They’re very responsive to any issues we bring up to them. There’s a way to get in touch with them immediately if there’s ever an issue. Since we’re working with patients, this is important and they’re quick to respond.”

“They’re able to translate what the doctors say is needed into the tech changes to get that reflected in the platform.”

Client Context

Patronus is a leading telemedicine provider specializing in neurological and stroke care to remote, underserved regions. As a first responder connecting hospitals (the client) and stroke patients, speed and seamless communications are essential in the company’s delivery of clinical care. They turned to Realware to develop a customized solution powerful enough to meet their needs as the company scaled

Business Challenges

Patronus had begun to stretch the limits of its off-the-shelf EMR (electronic medical records) system. As a result, growth was capped and processes that should have been automated were shifting back to manual entry. At the same time, the hospitals they were serving each had their own internal processes for data collection. Working within each hospital’s individual system, each of which had different protocols, was time-consuming and hindered data collection required by supervising healthcare organizations.

Partonus needed a solution that could also be customized to fit its unique delivery model of neurological care. Furthermore, they needed this solution to be agile enough to adapt to changing needs, localities, and client hospitals.

Realware’s Approach

We worked closely with the Patronus team to design a custom-built, powerful EMR that would solve their unique challenges.

The resulting platform allowed Patronus to:

  • Agilely move into additional horizontal areas and scale faster than their competitors
  • Offer hospitals greater insight into how to better care for patients with the bird’s eye view that connected data offered Patronus
  • Change flows, forms and interactions without a single developer
  • Quickly and easily add new networks, thanks to an open integration design adhering to HL7 standards

Additionally, the intuitiveness of the new platform allowed hospitals and physicians to more easily understand workflows, significantly reducing time on keyboard and time-to-consult.

Results Achieved

  • Reduced time-to-consult by 50%
  • 30% increase in client consultations thanks to improved scalability
  • Boosted online capability, accommodating 4x the number of hospitals and 10x the number of patients

Implementation Timeframe

3 months